Answers to Commonly Asked Questions from the Webinar

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What should I bring to the audition weekend?
There's an extensive list of items in your Audition Packet. If you've checked all of those items off, you're set up for success!

What is the average age of The Cadets?
The Cadets' average age varies from year between about 19 and 20, but we do have members as young as 15 and 16 every year. If you're young and believe you're ready (or just want the experience), we'd love to have you! You won't be alone, and the members and staff will make sure you feel welcome. Some great Cadets have marched here for 5, 6 -- even 8 years!

I have a conflict with one of the camps. Will this hurt my chances of making it?
Well, yes and no. Spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so those who attend the Combined Audition will have an advantage over those who don't. Here at The Cadets, we're about more than just musical or physical talent; it's about being willing to work hard as a team to be the very best you can be, and an important part of being on the team is being present. However, we're human, and life happens. You're more than welcome to audition in December or later on if that's all you can do. Based on prior years, it's likely that you could still get a spot, but please understand that it's also possible that the positions will fill up. It's also important to note that coming to the Combined Audition doesn't mean you don't need to keep making an effort to come back.

I have a commitment on the Friday evening that camp starts. Should I bother coming late?
Absolutely! Friday nights are important, but a LOT happens on Saturday and Sunday that you can still be a part of, and we want you to be there. If needed, we can do a late-night or early-morning airport pick-up, or of course you can drive yourself.

Do I have to memorize my audition music?
No, you'll be allowed a music stand and whatever music you want to bring along. However, we highly recommend that you go ahead and memorize the exercises now so that you don't have to worry about that once we start working on show music.

Is there a treble clef baritone part I can read?
No, but if you're having trouble with the exercises, just read the trumpet part.

Should I bring my concert tuba?
No, there's really no need to bring concert instruments.

What if I need to leave Spring Training to go to my graduation?
Important life events like graduations are not a problem. Several Cadets have to depart for a few days during the first couple of weeks each year. We only ask that you communicate these conflicts as soon as you know about them so that nothing comes as a surprise later on.

I'm not sure if I'm ready to march this year. Can I attend the Audition Camp just to get the experience?
Please do! Our staff will take you where you are and give you honest feedback to help you grow. And maybe you'll discover that you're more ready than you thought! Either way, we hope you'll leave on Sunday afternoon with a feel for what you need to work on and what it's like to rehearse with The Cadets.

For those who live on the west coast and plan to submit a video audition, what recommendations do you have to help us keep up with those attending every camp and spending one-on-one time with the staff?
Once you audition, your instructor(s) will send you video assignmeents to submit back to them. As long as you stay on top of those and continue to perform well and/or improve, you'll be fine. Having said that, we do ask that you make every effort to come to as many rehearsals as possible. Making a personal appearance shows your dedication to the drum corps and will make you feel like you're a part of the group.

What would you consider to be "local" in terms of Cadets2 membership?
Within 2-3 hours' driving distance.

Should I bring my own mallets/sticks/practice pad?

What advice do you have for those interested in auditioning next year?
Just download the Audition Packet and practice. Putting in the hours of practice time will prepare you, and don't hesitate to practice on your marching instrument, especially if it's notably different from your concert one. Physical fitness will also take you extremely far, so get in shape! The easier a good, challenging work-out comes to you, the less you'll have to adjust to drum corps life (or playing while marching difficult drill).

Will The Cadets' marching technique be taught, or will we be expected to have mastered it already?
We realize that different drum corps and bands have totally different takes on marching technique. While it will certainly help you to have a general understanding of how The Cadets march, we encourage you to get in shape and practice marching in front of a mirror. Understanding what it feels like and what you look like when you're marching is extremely beneficial, and that will help you make any adjustments our visual staff may suggest. Also note that the marching audition involves understanding and executing a fairly simple set of marching instructions correctly, not JUST the technique.

Do I have to audition on rifle? And should I bring mine?
Colorguard auditionees will only have to audition on the equipment they want to spin in the summer. If you're driving and can throw your equipment in your car, that would be much appreciated. However, we will be providing equipment for anyone who can't/doesn't bring their own.

If I bring my own instrument/equipment, will I have to share it?
No, if you bring it, you will be able to use it all weekend.

I bought a Cadets2 Audition Packet, but now I'm considering The Cadets. Do I need to purchase another Audition Packet?
No, the packets are similar enough that you'll be fine. Don't worry about purchasing another Audition Packet.

Can I audition on my trombone or French horn?
You're welcome to bring a concert instrument if you feel that your talent is best showcased that way, and this may help your instructor better understand and evaluate you as a musician. However, please understand that you will be asked to play a marching instrument in your audition as well. We want you to feel comfortable, but this is a marching activity, and our staff needs to get a feel for where you are on the instrument you'll be playing in the corps. A few minor errors in your mellophone audition may take you further than a flawless French horn solo.

Will music and marching be evaluated independently?
Yes, you will receive a separate rating (1, 2 or 3) for your music and marching audition, and your standing with the corps at the end of the weekend will be decided based on the results of both auditions.

Should I dress for a wintery marching block?
Don't worry, we're not going to throw you out in the cold. Visual rehearsal will most likely remain inside until our late-spring rehearsals. However, we do suggest bringing sweat pants and a hoodie in case the school is cold.

My mom wants to volunteer at the camp. What should she do?
That's great! We'd love to have her. Please have her contact our Performing Ensembles Assistant, Melissa Barlow, at or 610-821-0345 ext. 115.


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