The Spirit of Band: 2 Bands, 1 Show

Looking past competition to make great music

Two bands, Lyman Hall High School and South Plainfield High School, not only ended up playing the same show in the same season, but they performed consecutively at the 2013 USBands National Championships at MetLife Stadium on Saturday, November 9.

To celebrate the music instead of focusing on the competition, Dean DellaVecchia, director of the Lyman Hall High School Band, e-mailed Roger Vroom, the band director at South Plainfield High School, whom he had never met before. Just a couple days before Nationals, the newly acquainted directors decided to join forces out in the parking lot after both bands' performances to play through their show together.

Here's a video of this unique event:

Reflecting on her Championships experience, one member of the Lyman Hall Pit said, "I still can't get over how AMAZING this was. Playing on the field at MetLife was amazing, no doubt, but this was what really made 2013 Nationals for me! Thank you to our amazing director Mr. D and the South Plainfield director for giving us this amazing opportunity!"

And this wasn't just fun for the students. Instructors were high-fiving each other and even jumping up and down during the performance, and the parents had a great time watching, too: "As a South Plainfield Marching Band mom, it was AWESOME to have all these kids together. KUDOS to the band directors for arranging this, Marlene Brown said. "The kids were phenomenal and the parents LOVED it too!!"


Lyman Hall and South Plainfield received the Dinkles Spirit of Band Award in recognition of this special gesture of sportsmanship and commraderie.


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