Town Hall Tour Heads to TX & TN

Heimbecker is on a national information mission

On November 25, USBands Director Justin Heimbecker began a 15-city tour from Boston to Texas.

Justin Heimbecker tapped for USBands director position“I’ve had the opportunity to meet with members of the USBands community from about 12 cities over the past two months, including stops in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland and Virginia," Heimbecker said. "I think there has been a great deal of learning on all sides of each Town Hall discussion."

Through these meetings, Heimbecker welcomes the opportunity to share some less-known insight about USBands and its non-profit parent organization, Youth Education in the Arts. He has also been able to listen to the voices of the bands in each community.

"I have a better understanding of what they love, what they don’t love, what they wish for, and how the team here at USBands can provide the best possible support and service as an organization," he said.                        Justin Heimbecker, Director of USBands

And now it’s time for Heimbecker to take the tour a bit farther. While a snowstorm slowed his progress and cancelled the in-person Arizona meeting, he looks forward to spending next week in Texas, followed by a tour through Tennessee.

"I'll be spending time talking to band directors, instructors, boosters, judges and event staff so I can head back to the office and make sure we're doing everything we possibly can to support these folks in developing magnificent musicians, and more importantly, magnificent human beings," Heimbecker said.

Meeting Discussion Points Include:

  • A, Open and other classifications for 2014
  • Adding value to USBands membership
  • Adding colorguard and percussion to the scoring system
  • A rough look at the 2014 schedule
  • Big events: They matter, but how much?
  • Awards, trophies & critiques
  • A national clinic and special touring clinics

Upcoming Dates:

Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday
February  10, 7 p.m.



For more information, please call USBands at 610-821-0345 ext. 126.

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Thanks, and we we hope to see you at one of the events over the next few weeks!


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