Weekend Recap: The Combined Audition

Thanks for a great weekend

The Cadets and Cadets2 wrapped up the beginning of the 2014 drum corps season yesterday with a successful first audition weekend at Hopewell Valley Central High School in Pennington, N.J.


While the caption supervisors were busy auditioning hundreds of Cadets hopefuls, the brass, percussion and colorguard learned quite a bit of Cadets technique, music and work.

By Sunday afternoon's Show and Tell, the brass section was able to perform a a fanfare, a moving ballad from the corps' history, a parade tune with the battery, and a minute and a half of potential Cadets show music.


The CPit played through two of their artfully arranged warm-up pieces, and the battery played through several technique exercises, rotating drummers with each succeeding exercise to give all 60+ auditionees a chance to perform.


The colorguard closed out the day with brief flag, sabre and rifle, followed by a full-guard dance routine.

"With this year's Combined Audition, we've definitely figured out the right way to do auditions," said The Cadets Director George Hopkins. "Moving the two corps to one camp was a great idea."

In addition to the positive turn-out for both groups and the showcase of talent, musicianship and hard work throughout the weekend, George listed several positive outcomes:

  • We have awesome volunteers
  • We have an awesome teaching staff
  • The value of Cadets2 becomes more apparent at many levels as the years go on
  • Hopewell Valley Central HS was a good facility run by good people
  • We had a breakthrough in the show design


"I love seeing the joy of folks achieving what they work for in life, though I still hurt watching the disappointment when young people are not awarded their dreams," Hop continued. "The students who come to The Cadets are some of the great young people in the world. It is an honor and privilege to serve as their director."

Thanks to all Cadets, auditionees, staff members and volunteers who made this year's Combined Audition a success. Congratulations to those awarded spots in the 2014 Cadets and Cadets2, and to those invited back for a second audition, we hope to see you at the next rehearsal (Nov. 30 - Dec. 1 for Cadets2 and Dec. 6-8 for The Cadets). Remember, you can do this.


Photos by Cadets tuba alumnus Ello Shertzer. View the complete album.


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