Inspire Excellence: The 2013 End-of-Year Appeal

Support The Cadets in the spirit of giving this holiday season


Top100_90_Cadets_August-9-13_Semis_458_FB[1].jpgFor 80 years, The Cadets have intrigued and inspired all who have experienced the legacy of the maroon and gold.

The organization continually transcends mere bugles and drums, uplifting members and audiences with musical and emotional experiences far beyond the ordinary. But they cannot achieve their goals without your support.

As The 2014 Cadets prepare for the summer of their lives, we ask you for a contribution to make this promise of the future a reality.

Your generous donation during The Cadets' 2013 End-of-Year Appeal will bring another quintessential Cadets program to the field with trademark musical arrangements, breathtaking visuals and cheer-out-loud moments.

But most importantly, your donation will ensure that this class of 150 young people live the dream of today and aspire to the magnificence of tomorrow.

Please make your tax-deductible contribution today and receive the fourth Cadets Collectible Holiday Ornament inspired by the winning Cadets percussion section.

Holiday Ornament 2013


The 2013 Collectable Holiday Ornament

Our gift to you for a $100 or more donation

To commemorate The 2013 Cadets Percussion Section for receiving the Fred Sanford Award for Best Percussion Performance, we are pleased to introduce the fourth installment of The Cadets Holiday Ornament Collection,"The Drummer."

Happy Holidays
from The Cadets


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