Meet the Leaders of The 2014 Cadets

We are pleased to announce that Kendall Stevenson has been selected as the Drum Major of The 2014 Cadets. Kendall will be the head of a stellar leadership team this year:



Kendall Stevenson
, Drum Major 

Kendall, 19, got her first taste of drum corps at the Phantom Regiment Conducting Camp in 2010. In 2012, she earned a drum major position for The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps at the age of 17. Kendall responded to The Cadets' field conductor request last spring and received the position. As a result of her talent as a conductor and natural ability as a leader, she has been selected as The Cadets' drum major for 2014. 



Alex Beltran
, Drumline Section Leader

Alex, 21, started marching tenors with the Connecticut Hurricanes in 2008 and was a member of the corps through 2010. He joined The Cadets for the championship season in 2011 and quickly became the leader of the drumline in 2012. He continued as section leader in 2013 when The Cadets Percussion Section was awarded the Fred Sanford Award for Best Percussion Performance. This will be Alex's age-out summer, his third year as a section leader and his fourth as a Cadet.



Annie Chernow
, CPit Section Leader

Annie Chernow, 21, will be serving as The Cadets Pit ("CPit") section leader for her third summer with the corps. She began marching drum corps when she became a Cadet in 2012, and this will be her first year as a section leader as well as her age-out year.





Laney Duskin, Colorguard Captain

Laney, 20, began her drum corps experience as a member of The 2011 World Champion Cadets. She was an obvious pick for Team Angel with her bright-blonde hair, and after her second summer during the 12.25 season, she was selected to be a colorguard captain for the 2013. Laney spins both flag and weapon, and this will be her second summer as a captain and fourth as a Cadet.




Jennifer Sanchez
, Colorguard Captain

Jennifer, 20, spent her first summer of drum corps marching in the cGlassmen Drum & Bugle Corps Coloruard in 2011. She came to The Cadets last year for the Side by Side season and stood out as both an excellent performer and a natural leader in the CBCCG. We're thrilled to have her as a co-captain of The 2014 Cadets Colorguard for her age-out summer.





Allison Pryor, Horn Sergeant & Mellophone Section Leader

Allison, 20, has been marching with The Cadets since 2010. You probably know her from her extensive and beautiful mellophone solos in the previous two years' ballads. This will be Allison's fifth year in The Cadets, her third year leading the mellophone section, and her first as horn sergeant.




Bass Deese, Trumpet Section Leader

The Cadets was Bass' first drum corps experience when he auditioned for the summer of 2012. After the 12.25 summer, he continued on to march Side by Side, receiving the honorable "Cadet of the Year" Award for the brass section at The Cadets' 2013 Banquet. Bass is 20 years old and will serve as the 2014 trumpet section leader for his third year as a Cadet.




Mike McNeil
l, Baritone Section Leader

Mike, 21, started marching drum corps in Jersey Surf from 2008 to 2010. His Cadets experience began in 2011 as a member of the world champion baritone section, and this will be his fourth year in the corps and second as the baritone section leader.






Don Newman, Tuba Section Leader

Don, 19, began his drum corps career as Teal Sound Drum & Bugle Corps' bass guitarist in 2010. After some persuasion from his band director, he made the Colts' tuba section in 2011 and then came to The Cadets for the 2012 season. This will be his third year in the corps and first as the tuba section leader.







Katy Boggs
, Field Conductor

Katy, 20, was originally a flute player and learned baritone so she could be a part of the inaugural season of Cadets2 in 2012. She was selected to be the drum major of Cadets2 for the 2013 season, and she now joins The Cadets for her first full-length drum corps tour.


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