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USBands Indoor 101

10 FAQ about the USBands Indoor Circuit

Bunnell Guard Indoor 20131. Who can go to shows?

All events are open to BOTH color guard and percussion ensembles. Instead of focusing on one discipline, USBands includes both in order to maximize the educational experience for the students in your programs

2. Why are your classes different from other circuits?
USBands takes an educational approach to our adjudication system, ensuring growth in your program during the course of the season. With recent modifications to our class system, groups who compete locally and on the national level can easily move from one circuit to another while remaining in the correct class.We offer both scholastic and independent groupings, and classify groups in 4A, (highest, most advanced units) 3A, 2A, A, Novice, Middle School and Elementary classes. Middle and Elementary classes are aged based, while the Novice classes and above are ment for high schoolers based on skills. 
3. What does that mean for your sheets?
The sheets are created with an added focus on education. Our adjudicators are trained to help young programs grow and advanced programs flourish. 
4. How do I get comments from the adjudicators after my performance?
All USBands indoor shows are recorded on iPods and distributed to directors using Before your first show you will receive an invite to a folder where your comments will automatically upload after your performance.
5. How does USBands determine performance order?
At all local events, units perform and attend critique in opposite the order of registration.
6. Who gets to attend critique and in what order?
Critique is open to all performing ensembles regardless of classification and will be held in performance order. In special circumstances, critique order may be shifted to accommodate groups who travel longer distances.
7. What are the clinic / preview shows all about?
This year we will offer 2 shows of type on February 8 in Bridgewater, NJ and on February 15 in Plainfield, CT.  These shows will provide students with a more intimate learning experience than a typical performance and give them interaction with clinicians and adjudicators they will see later in the season. More details on the exact format and flow for those days will be posted shortly. 
8. What about Championships?
This year Championships will be held on Sunday April 6 at the Pine Belt Arena in Toms River, NJ. There is no minimum number of shows a unit must attend in order to “qualify” for Championships. 


 9. What are the dues / membership / circuit fees?
Payment of membership fees does not affect when you can register for shows. As always – the first show your group attends is FREE!Membership includes Championships, and units who are unable to attend Championships will be offered a discounted “regular season” fee.  
Schools with 2 or more participating units will have an “additional unit” fee. This is structured to encourage schools with multiple units, not penalize. Please contact the office to determine what your the exact fees would be for your program.
10. Where can I register?
Unit directors can register by clicking this link:


See you at the first show! 


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