Rehearsal Recap: Dec. 26-29

A weekend update and a personal request


The Cadets woke up this morning to their final day of the marathon rehearsal weekend which began on Thursday evening.

Four days may not sound like much in comparison to the summer tour, but winter camps are grueling in their own right. Tedium is the name of the game, and corps members spend hour after hour in sectionals learning and fine-tuning new music. Since there's no drill, a three-hour marching block is paced much differently too, and large chunks of time are spent nitpicking technique and posture.

Deccampmarching.jpg bassdrum_stack.jpg jenna_attention_marchingblock.jpg

The colorguard won't rejoin the rest of the corps until April, but the music staff is feeling very positive about the audition process. At this point, the front ensemble and drumline are set, and the hornline is ready to go as well, except perhaps for one more trumpet and tuba player.

As the show comes into focus, Director George Hopkins said the approach this year is a bit more segmented than in years past. The team brought in professional storyteller Wayne Harris who has been an asset in crafting clear, meaningful narration that will serve as the framework for the show.



The brass and percussion have learned just over three minutes of Copland music this weekend, including the pre-show material, "A Lincoln Portrait," and what George is currently calling the "Roosevelt Segment" and the "Kennedy Segment."

"Awesome stuff and an excellent rehearsal" George said late Saturday night. "And this is just the beginning, as we continue to develop the concept to the highest possible level."

Stay tuned for video footage from the weekend in the next couple of days!

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