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Cadets2 Seeks 4 Trumpets, 3 Mellos

A few positions still open for local musicians

C2mello_2013_groh1.jpgAs Cadets2 continues to take great strides forward with their 2014 program, Our Favorite Things2, the staff is still looking for four trumpet players and three mellophone players to fill out the brass section.

Anyone interested is invited to attend the next rehearsal weekend March 15-16 in Allentown, Pa. Please e-mail Steve Shuey at He will provide all the information you need for camp and get you set up for success.

The brass and percussion programs of Cadets2 draw from The Cadets' 80-year tradition of excellence and have quickly become some of the premier ensembles in the DCA circuit. Here you'll find the same hard work, innovation, class and talent you would expect from The Cadets, but on a weekend-only schedule.

Our goal is to provide members with an enriching and challenging experience while cultivating personal growth and self-improvement. This is a great opportunity for members to interact within the community; build lasting relationships; and perform a high-calibur, high-energy, and all around fun show on the weekends during the summer.

With a steadfast work ethic that teaches members to reach within themselves and achieve their true potential, we are committed to excellent musicianship as well as life-strengthening experiences. The teachers at C2 create an environment in which members can improve not only as performers in the corps, but as students and leaders as well.

This year is sure to be an exciting one for Cadets2, and we don't want you to miss it!

If you have any questions about auditioning for the hornline, please feel free to contact Brass Caption Supervisor Larry Markiewicz at

We hope to see you at our next rehearsal!



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