Cadets Winter Percussion Announces 2014 Program

With the season just weeks away, CWP unveils show concept


Cadets Winter Percussion presents: Copy of a...

"Well, the idea came from two totally different things," Director Rich Hammond said about the show concept.

As likely noted by some, the program's title, Copy of a..., comes from the Nine Inch Nails song of the same name which provides some of the music for the program:

"The song came out right when we were starting to discuss the show concept, and it reminded me of a video called Copy Shop that I had recently seen on Vimeo" Hammond said. "I instantly got a mental picture of what we could do with this idea. And I think Nine Inch Nails works really well in this setting because it allows for a good mix of electronics and acoustic indoor percussion."

The other inspiration for the concept came about organically. "The Cadets are new to the modern indoor world, and as we were creating the ensemble, we kept finding ourselves asking how we fit into this setting, from drill design, to style, to rehearsal facilities, to equipment. We continually found ourselves answering those questions by copying the successful practices and traditions of the two other ensembles [The Cadets and Cadets2]. It's just been a clear theme everywhere we look, and it seems appropriate to allow the experience of creating CWP to influence the show design."

In addition to its title song, Copy of a... also contains some orginal music, including a piece by Cadets Pit alum and Cadets2 Caption Supervisor Andrew Monteiro. The Cadets' Front Ensemble Supervisor Dr. Iain Moyer also contributed music to the book, artfully fusing one of The Cadets' pit pieces with Philip Glass' "Truman Sleeps." Other Cadets and Cadets2 alumni and instructors have also been instrumental to in both design and instruction, namely Travis Peterman, Battery Supervisor and Arranger, and Andrew Rubano, Visual Supervisor.

To carry the theme throughout the program, Hammond said to expect musical devices such as echoing and immitation. The design team has threaded thematic percussive effects, electronic samples and visual elements throughout the show to reinforce the copying concept, as well as some classic Cadets Percussion moments for fans to notice. "And yes," he added, "we do step off with the right foot."

The floor design reinforces the concept, displaying a maroon-tinged photograph copied multiple times with diminishing quality. The uniforms for Cadets Winter Percussion are monochromatic to contrast the maroon and white floor, fading from black to gray.


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