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Cadets2 Announces 2014 Program

Bringing Cadets classics back to the field

With 2014 rehearsals well underway, Cadets2 is pleased to announce its 2014 program:
Our Favorite Things2

Cadets 2003The Cadets brought Our Favorite Things to the field in 2003, and a year and a decade later, the concept returns with a fresh approach.

Music for the show, a collection of classic Cadets productions, includes: "Rocky Point Holiday" by Ron Nelson, "Spreading Wings" from the film City of Angels by Gabriel Yared, "Children’s Dance" by Howard Hanson, and "Farandole" by Georges Bizet.

Music arrangers for the 2014 program include The Cadets Brass Arranger Jay Bocook, long-time Cadets Percussion Supervisor and Arranger Tom Aungst, and The Cadets Front Ensemble Supervisor and Arranger Iain Moyer.

"As Cadets2 enters its third season as a successful and competitive corps in the DCA world, we're trying to put a great product out on the field, but we're also trying to make an important connection to The Cadets and The Cadets' tradition, and we think this show is a great vehicle for that," said C2 Director Rich Hammond, who also serves The Cadets' administrative team as YEA!'s Director of Performing Ensembles as well as the Director of Cadets Winter Percussion.

"It's an important bridge for us to build," he continued, "and this summer we're hoping more Cadets fans and alumni will get to see and enjoy Cadets2."


With "Rocky Point," an instantly recognizable Cadets favorite, the design team hopes to be as innovative in DCA in 2014 as The Cadets were in 1982 and '83, while still keeping the distinctive Cadets flavor.

Brass Arranger Jay Bocook and The Cadets' and Cadets2 design teams are thrilled to bring "Spreading Wings" back to the field as well. "We think it can be even more beautiful and haunting than it was the first time," Hammond said.

In contrast to the rich melody of "Spreading Wings," "Childrens Dance" will provide Cadets2 the opportunity to showcase their excellent percussion section.

The show will conclude with Bizet's "Farandole," a Cadets classic from 2001. "This is intended to be Cadets entertainment at its finest," Hammond said. The design includes a lot of contrast between sides of field, low and high brass, brass and percussion, etc.


The Cadets and Cadets2 will perform together several times this summer, beginning on Kick-off Weekend with YEAllentown! on June 12 and a preview performance at Northern Highlands HS on June 14. Both corps will also appear at YEA!'s Drum Corps: An American Tradition shows on June 28 in Jackson, NJ and PPL Park in Philadelphia on July 6.

The next rehearsal weekend for Cadets2 is scheduled for February 1-2. Any brass players and percussionists still looking to join are welcome and encouraged to audition, as positions are filling up quickly. Please contact Steve Shuey at, and he will help you get set up for a great first experience with Cadets2.

Colorguard members interested in joining are invited to a one-day guard audition on February 23 (read more).


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