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Xcape Attends Breakdancing Master Class

Students learned from pro dancer Alex Soares


On Sat., Jan. 25, some students from Xcape Dance Studio had the opportunity to attend a breakdancing master class taught by professional Brazilian dancer Alexsandro Soares.

Our students thoroughly enjoyed this culturally-enriching experience, as they learned alongside other local dancers from a teacher who spoke mostly French.

Alex is a member of Compagnie Käfig, an 11-member group currently on a three-month U.S. tour. In the video below, he took the time to speak a little with us about the class, with the help of a translator.

The following day, Xcape dancers were able to attend Compagnie Käfig's performance at Lehigh University's Zoellner Arts Center in Bethlehem, Pa.

The students watched the performance from the balcony, and much to their excitement, members of Compagnie Käfig flashed the Xcape symbol (making an 'X' with their forearms) at the end of the performance.



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