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Pittman Now a Leader in Donor, Volunteer & Alumni Relations

8-year Cadets alum Ashley Pittman has a new role at YEA!

Former USBands Volunteer Coordinator Ashley Pittman has joined YEA!'s Development Team as Associate Director of Donor, Volunteer and Alumni Relations.


"The recent departure of Brad Martin, our former Director of Development, gave us the opportunity to add to the team as well as give Cadets alum Ashley Pittman the opportunity to act as liaison to our donors and alumni, with whom she has so much in common," CEO George Hopkins said.

Ashley attended the College of Charleston, South Carolina, where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Non-Profit Arts Management as well as a Minor in Dance.

She has been involved with marching music for her entire conscious life, with childhood family vacations centering around drum corps shows since she was a toddler. In 2003, at the young age of 12, Ashley began her drum corps career as a member of the Teal Sound Colorguard. She returned to Teal Sound for 2004, and then became a Cadet in 2005, winning her first of two DCI World Championship titles with the corps that year. She continued to perform as a featured soloist and outstanding leader of The Cadets Colorguard until she aged out as an eight-year veteran and third-year guard captain in 2012.

A note from Ashley Pittman:

Over the past few months, I have been working under Brad Martin to learn everything I could about the connections he made with The Cadets' treasured alumni and donors during his time with YEA!. It is now my pleasure to pick up right where Brad left off in this wonderful partnership.

As a former member and section leader of The Cadets, I feel honored to represent the corps in this way. My years as a Cadet under YEA! inspired me to pursue a degree in Non-Profit Arts Management. Today, it is a dream come true to be working in my field of study with the organization I love.

I started off at YEA! this past August, and I have learned a tremendous amount about The Cadets, the non-profit world, and myself. Being in this office every day brings me a new appreciation for what went into each year that I marched in the corps. I cannot wait to forge the way for a new generation of Cadets, with the help of alumni, fans and friends.

Here’s to a new beginning, and to the eightieth edition of The Cadets!


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