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Music in Motion Announces the Marching Music Series

Top 7 drum corps collaborate to create 4 high school band competitions this fall


For the past four years, seven of the top performing member corps of Drum Corps International have been working on ideas how they might impact marching music together, so as to positively affect the growth of the quantity and quality of stadium performance ensembles at the high school, collegiate and independent levels of performance.

bluecoats_trumpet_kneel_2013.jpgTwo years ago, the Bluecoats, Blue Devils, The Cadets, Carolina Crown, The Cavaliers, Phantom Regiment and Santa Clara Vanguard formed the non-profit entity, Music in Motion.

To date, Music in Motion's projects have included the Tour of Champions, an event series featuring the top corps in the country that was designed and developed by Drum Corps International. TOC events include small ensemble performances, special intermission events and a grand finale by each of the participating corps.

Rick Valenzuela, director of Phantom Regiment, said, "The seven corps are similar in our operations and needs. It has taken some time, but over four years we have created a level of trust that allows us to work on exciting new opportunities."

In line with this thinking, Music in Motion announces the Marching Music Series: Four high-profile marching band events that will be held across the country in the fall of 2014. These events will feature the highest level of adjudication, stellar customer service, and venues and event management beyond reproach.

The Details

  • Marching Music Series events have been announced in Texas, Maryland, Utah and Georgia. Read about them here.
  • All events will be managed by USBands, a program of Youth Education in the Arts. USBands will manage event logistics, stadium communications, and the paperwork and digital efforts for each participating band.
  • Music in Motion will provide adjudication (judges will be drawn from top educators associated with the seven corps) as well as on-site management. The directors and management teams of the top corps will be on-site at each event, as well as staff members experienced in the care of musical ensembles.


The Structure

  • The structure of the first four events will be 30-band preliminary competition followed by a same-day finals competition featuring 15 of the bands that performed earlier in the day. Awards will be given in six separate competitive classes in the prelims, while the evening show will be a 15-band, all-class event with one level of awards.
  • The scoring system will be derived from the well-established USBands system, with a panel of seven judges (2 music, 1 visual, 2 effect, guard and percussion). Scores will be tilted 70/30 performance/design and 60/40 music/visual.

"We are hoping that with the experience of our groups and all we have learned, we can make a real difference for high school bands interested in the competitive world," said Bluecoats Director David Glasgow. "We are excited that USBands can manage the details, and we are certain that  together the corps can bring these events to a spectacular level. We are excited about the possibilities."CarolinaCrown_Pit_2013_crop.jpg

The Launch

  • Registration on the Marching Music Series website opens later today, March 14, 2014.
  • Sign-ups will be in a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Registration fees will be reasonable, averaging about $400 per event.


Justin Heimbecker, director of USBands and former tour manager of both The Cadets and Boston Crusaders, provided the USBands perspective on the events: "We here in the USBands office look to these events as a great challenge and a great opportunity. I know the level of excellence these corps expect, and yes, USBands already runs great events. But here, with these seven corps, there is the potential for phenomenal events and phenomenal experiences for all."

2014 will undoubtedly be an exciting year for marching band!

For information, please e-mail or call Justin Heimbecker at 610-821-0345 ext. 126.

NOTE: The individual corps will NOT be handling the details of these events, so please make sure correspondence is directed to the designated Marching Music Series contacts.


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