March 4 Music: USBands Helps Raise Funds for Your Band

Raise money and awareness for your program with the help of USBands

USBands proudly announces March 4 Music, our new cooperative fundraising partnership with high school music programs of USBands member schools to support music education across America.

Combining the model of a benefit charity walk with online social networking and an exclusive web-based platform, USBands will help participating schools conduct "March-a-thons" to raise funds and awareness about the merits of music education in their communities.

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George Hopkins, CEO of Youth Education in the Arts and founder of USBands said, “Our goal is to assist bands with a level of excellence on and off the field, and fundraising is the next logical step in helping our member schools. We have had much success with the March-a-thon program with The Cadets and Cadets2 for many years, so we are privileged to be able to share tried-and-true techniques with our bands to help them reach their goals.”

USBands band relations representative Jon Swengler will be heading up March 4 Music as the program manager and has already been on location at several state music conferences and band booster meetings to present this new facet to school music program fundraising and answer questions.

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive," Swengler said of the first few weeks of the project. "Parents and educators are looking for a new way to efficiently raise funds. We are so excited about this program because it helps to solve the economic problem facing nearly every school music department by combining music, a fun event, the enthusiasm of young people and, of course, marching.”

How It Works

Iloveband1.jpgWith the assistance of a dedicated March 4 Music manager, schools will be able to take advantage of an easily executable project with unlimited fundraising potential. Through a series of three meetings, the band program will be introduced to the project, trained on the website and social media platforms, and guided through the campaign. Shortly thereafter, the March 4 Music March-a-thon will be held on the participating school’s campus.

“The type of event the school chooses to hold is completely up to them," Swengler added. "We have bands planning full-out events with musical performances, concessions, games and more. Other schools are taking a more subtle approach. In the end, each event will be a reflection of its music program, and our role is to assist in every way we can to help each one succeed.”

If you are interested in finding out more about how your school can host a March 4 Music fundraiser, please contact Jon Swengler at or at 610.821.0345 ext 113.


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