Ask Me Monday: Hop's Answers

Featured answers to this week's Ask Me Monday questions


Will Selby: How much of the battery will return from 2013 to 2014? Will we see as amazing of a line?

We actually have a large turnover in 2014. We have back 2 snares, 2 toms and 2 bass. What makes this interesting is that Cadets2, our DCA Cadets corps, had 6 folks move to The Cadets this year. Now, this is not an exact transfer of experience, but the program is very similar.

Dave Dumont does an excellent job at Cadets2, and the ability to merge these folks to the line of 2013 is a definite advantage.

Of course, we all expect great things from The Cadets percussion line in 2014. Colin and the team is back, rehearsals have been good, and look out for the flams!!!

Scott Way: What is your favorite piece of music or concept that, no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn't get onto the field?   

Well, there are many. These days, it is critical to move with some relative speed, so swing tunes are always tough!! From a more practical position, we would love to do some of the material from “Meet Joe Black,” but we are and have been unable to obtain copyright permission. This is also the case for compositions by the great John Williams.

As for material that just would not transfer to the field??? Well… I still have that Barry Manilow show in me.

John Stone: Will the ending of the show be loud?

In 2013, The Cadets did go to a more subtle backfield ending,  but in 2014, as we work to bring Promise: An American Portrait to a conclusion, I think you can rest assured that speed and power will be a part of the recap to this 80th year production.

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