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Cadets2 Nearly Finish Music; a Few Spots Available

Brass & percussionists invited to audition for specific sections April 12-13

C2Pit2013_girl_mallets.pngCadets2 wrapped up another very productive rehearsal weekend last Sunday, finishing the music to "Rocky Point," "Children's Dance" and "On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss."

Going into April, this leaves the ensemble only one piece away from finishing the entire 2014 musical repertoire, which puts them in excellent standing this spring.

A limited number of positions remain for trumpet, mellophone, baritone, marimba and rack/auxilary percussion players.

Local musicians who are excited about the drum corps experience or new to the activity are invited to attend rehearsal April 12-13 in Allentown, Pa. 

Interested? E-mail Steve Shuey at

Look for more important announcements coming soon at!




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