Help Feed & Drive the 80th-Anniversary Cadets

April is National Volunteer Month! Sign up to lend a hand this spring/summer

Every summer, parents, fans and alumni come on tour to drive, feed and fit The Cadets.

Several generous volunteers have already blocked days and weeks out of their summer to come on the road with us, but there are still lots of gaps in the calendar that we would love to fill as soon as possible.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the Carrot Crew or have never volunteered for a drum corps in your life, you are welcome to join the family!

Please take a look at the following weeks where we still need extra hands, and please e-mail Lainey Braatz at if you are able to donate some of your time this summer. driver.jpeg


CDL Vehicles
June 24 - August 1

Small Vehicles
July 1-6
July 6-19


Food Service

Need Full-Time 
May 12-162012Volunteers.jpeg
May 17 - June 2
June 2-11
July 6-13
July 13-25
July 26 - August 9

View The Cadets' 2014 Tour Calendar to see when our schedule lines up with yours.



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