Hop Answers, "What does drum corps mean to you?"

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Each week, fans are submitting questions to Director George Hopkins, and on Mondays, he chooses some to answer. Here's a bit of a philosophical Q&A from George last week.


Chase Tonar: What does "drum corps [international]" mean to you? What does (or should) the activity represent to its participants, its audience and alumni, and most importantly, its future members?

George Hopkins: Drum Corps International is an association of like-minded organizations who come together in an effort to create and manage competitive marching music events for drum corps across the country.

DCI is the managing partner; the corps are the folks who create the vision and work to move the activity in a direction that the majority see as acceptable.

As for what the activity should represent, I assume you are referring to DCI as the activity. This is not actually the case, but I understand the comparisons, as there are few corps remaining that do NOT participate in DCI. That said, I think most people think of the corps when they think of DCI, not the association.

So, what should they think in the now or in the future?? Well, DCI is the name given to the collective of corps who participate in what we have today. It encompasses the performances and history of great corps since 1972. It’s a magnificent collection of magnificent corps and an arena in which young people so inclined can find the venues and the collective spirit to be a part of some of the best music ensembles in the country.  

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions last week! If you've got a question for Hopkins, post it below, on Facebook, or e-mail allison@yea.org, and stay tuned for answers next Monday!


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