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Cadets Winter Percussion left for Dayton, Ohio on Wednesday night and arrived safely Thursday morning to begin rehearsal for their WGI Independent Open Prelims performance.

They are slotted for 5:30 p.m. today, April 11.

Just this week, CWP initiated a fundraiser to help fuel the ensemble through its first of (hopefully) many trips out to the WGI World Championships.

The rapid and generous response has been extremely encouraging to the members and staff.

Cadets Winter Percussion sincerely thanks the donors who are fueling them through WGI 2014, and all of the fans and alumni who have enthusiastically welcomed CWP into The Cadets family in their inaugural year.

Meal Sponsors

  Thursday Friday Saturday
Lunch Dr. Ed DiCarlo  Anonymous Joe D's Nanny & Pop-pop
Dinner Rick & Mary Molen  Pat Egberts
Joe D's Nanny & Pop-pop

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