Changes to Cadets Hall of Fame Nomination Process

Alumni invited to submit nomination letters by April 30


Changes to Nomination Procedure

In an effort to include all Cadets Alumni the Hall of Fame induction process, a nomination and voting procedure was created several years ago with the intent to allow for extensive alumni involvement. Alas, the participation only reached about 300 alumni at its highest point, and those 300 only came with a good deal of marketing, reminders and effort.

This was discussed in a recent meeting of The Cadets Hall of Fame Committee chaired by Dr. Eric Santo, and by unanimous vote it was agreed that the process should be streamlined.

With all respect to alumni, it appears that many former Cadets do not participate because they simply are not aware of the many alumni of the different generations. As one alum said, “It’s difficult to make a decision when I feel like there is so much I should know before casting a vote.”

“We believe that this new, streamlined process will allow for recognition without some of the challenges we have had over the past years," said George Hopkins, director of The Cadets since 1983. "The Hall is supposed to be nothing but a positive experience, and at times it was a bit of a challenge. There is a great deal of passion around The Cadets, and the last thing we ever wanted to create was a process where we had to push folks to participate.”

The intent behind The Cadets Hall of Fame is to recognize the Cadets, teachers, volunteers and friends who have made an extraordinary contribution to our 80-year-old organization. Holding to this purpose, the methods for induction have been changed as of now, after review and approval of the committee and ratification by George Hopkins.

Nomination Process for 2014

> On or before Tues., April 15, a request will be made of all alumni for nominations to the Hall. Nominations only require one letter. The committee encourages that letters be carefully written, as this writing will be a key part in the voting process.

> All nominations must be received by Wed., April 30. The names of all nominees will be listed along with their letters of support.

> The committee will meet beginning April 30 to review the letters of nomination. The list of finalists will be published online at

> The committee will publish a list of finalists, including the top six individuals the committee believes are worthy of consideration at this time. It is acknowledged that all nominees are special folks who deserve the utmost respect. Alas, not all can be inducted in any one year, hence the difficult task of the committee.

> The Cadets will ask for comments and online letters and statements of support for each nominee. Only positive comments will be accepted, and all will be posted for public review as well as consideration by the committee.

> The committee will announce the three inductees to The 2014 Cadets Hall of Fame.

> The induction ceremony will be held on Fri., June 13, at The Cadets Kick-off Dinner at the Russian Orthodox Church in Garfield, N.J.


2014 Hall of Fame Committee Members

Paul DeLiberto
Scotty McGarry
Hugh Mahon
Dave Helms
Jeff Sacktig
April Gilligan
Christen Fleming
George Lea
Andy Warntz
Greg Cinzio
Jack Day
Austin Greene
Ashley Pittman, administrator (no vote)
Dr. Eric Santo, past chair (no vote)

All Cadets alumni are encouraged to submit nomination letters. Letters must be received by Wed., April 30 at the address below or by e-mail to

Cadets Hall of Fame
c/o Youth Education in the Arts
610 Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18101

Got a question? Please feel free to e-mail Cadets Alum Ashely Pittman, Associate Director of Donor, Volunteer & Alumni Relations, at


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