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On June 13, see The Cadets' first public performance at historic Symphony Hall just a block from the corps' home office in Allentown, PA. YEAllentown is a unique evening that celebrates the many facets of Youth Education in the Arts, including The 2013 Cadets, Cadets
2, Xcape Dance Company and the Designated Hitters.

VIP Tickets are available for $25 which includes a 5 p.m. reception at the Cosmopolitan across the street before the event. Premium Tickets to YEAllentown are $15, and children 10 and under will be admitted free of charge.

Purchase tickets now.

Featured Ensembles:

Cadets_YEAllentown2012_crop4.jpegThe Cadets Logo Horizontal.jpg
The Cadets
is one of the oldest and most honored continuously operating drum and bugle corps, made up of 150 members from all over the country and world. The corps was founded in Garfield, NJ as the Holy Name Cadets in 1934 and has won 25 national championships and 10 world championships. The Cadets will travel over 15,000 miles this summer entertaining hundreds of thousands of fans throughout the nation, competing in the Drum Corps International circuit.

Cadets2cymbals2_crop5.jpgcadets2 logo

In its second year, Cadets2 consists of 128 young men and women ages 16-25 who rehearse and perform locally on the weekends throughout the summer, competing in the Drum Corps Associates circuit. This is a different approach to drum corps than The Cadets due to the lesser time commitment, but the corps is founded on the same principles that have helped thousands of young people excel in their lives after marching in The Cadets.

Xcape offers comprehensive dance education to students ages 6-22. Classes include ballet, jazz, hip-hop and contemporary/modern dance. Xcape provides a fun and nurturing environment for all students to explore their creativity while learning valuable life skills such as teamwork, self-discipline and work ethic. Xcape aims to inspire and motivate students while fostering an appreciation for the arts.