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The Cadets Hall of Fame Committee has announced the following is a nominee for the 2012 Class of the Cadets Hall of Fame.

Gino Cipriani 


Nomination Letter:


This spring, the corps we all love, our corps – The Cadets – continue their preparation for what will undoubtedly be a summer full of unique experiences, entertaining and exquisite performances, and memories that will last a lifetime.


Standing in front of them on the other side of the horns, drums, and flags are some of the finest music educators in the world. These incredible individuals offer 100% of themselves – both their time and their creative mastery to offer a world-class blend of critique and inspiration to the fine young men and women we call Cadets.


Cadet Alumni – you, me, all of us… are a product of our surroundings throughout our lives. Our parents, mentors, teachers, friends, and loved ones have all had a small part in shaping us into who we are. For the Cadets of the present day, there are remarkable role models in and around our organization. These directors and teachers of the Cadets are angels in our architecture… guiding our Cadets throughout their journey each year.


Over four summers spent marching with the corps, my experience was one of the most educational and inspiring adventures I have ever encountered. The person most responsible for making sure my experience was a success, especially from a musical perspective, was Gino Cipriani. His simple approach for teaching music to others, combined with his undying charisma to nurture a student’s passion for the activity, define the kind of person Gino is.


What impresses me the most, and perhaps a factor that separates Gino apart from other teachers, is his ability to quickly adjust his teaching methods to adapt to the personality of the corps from year to year; all the while keeping the same standard of excellence that we all recognize as the Cadets. After all, his respect for the Cadet

‘ideals’ is strong and true. His effective rehearsal methods, stringent and consistent expectations, and selfless dedication to his students are reflective on the kind of teacher I hope to be like someday.


I nominate Gino Cipriani, brass caption head of The Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps, to the Cadets Hall of Fame – Class of 2012.


We are incredibly blessed to have Gino Cipriani as part of our family… please join my invitation to honor and thank him for the contributions he continues to make for our Cadets.



Ryan W. Tinker

The Cadets, member 2005-2008

For Holy Name Shall Always Be


Letters of Support:


I am writing this letter in support of someone who has changed my life for the better.


In the journey of life we run into people who change our lives - some for the better and unfortunately sometimes some for the worse. But they change our lives nonetheless. Sometimes they change it a little but sometimes they change it a lot.


Those who have been fortunate enough to travel the journey as a Cadet and learned from Gino Cipriani, have been changed a lot and for the better indeed.


Although Gino did not march with the Cadets, he is a Cadet to his core. His work ethic and ideals define this. 


Intelligent, Unstoppable


It’s not just quantity. It’s quality and quantity. 


Many people are confused with the belief that it’s all about who works harder. It’s not. It’s all about who works smarter and harder. 


Gino defines this approach.


Passionate Beyond Measure.


If you have ever been fortunate enough to experience either seeing Gino teach or be taught by him, you know the word passion defines Gino; or should I say Gino defines the word. He gives all he has to create motivation within another person through his own natural energy levels.


Whenever I have the opportunity to watch him teach, I gain something from him. He’s constantly evolving and presenting fresh new information... and it’s infectious! Not only is Gino an incredible educator and wordsmith, has an energy level that is contagious and elevates the energy levels of everyone he interacts with.


I am honored to write this recommendation and can think of no better person to be inducted into the Cadets Hall of Fame than my very close friend and mentor, Gino Cipriani.



Sean Furilla

The Cadets

Trumpet Specialist

2005 – Present





This letter is in recommendation of Gino Cipriani to be considered for the Cadets Hall of Fame Class of 2012.  For the better part of the past decade the Cadets horn line can simply be defined by one word. GINO!  They say that any ensemble is a reflection of its teacher, and when I think of the Cadets brass lines that have been under his watch the words; Power, Musical Approach, Technical Prowess, and Passion immediately come to mind.

In the nearly 20 years I have known Gino, he has always impressed me with his ability to enhance the experience the students have in his horn lines.  Gino’s brass program is constantly evolving, and he never rests on what merely worked in the past.  So many instructors teach the same exercises and take the same approach for their entire career.  What makes him special as a teacher and communicator is his uncanny ability to self-reflect and enrich the experience of everyone around him.  All one has to do is stop by a Cadets rehearsal to see how amazing Gino is with the kids, but what many  people may not know is that behind the scenes Gino is a mentor and role model for the entire instructional staff.  Gino is a teacher of teachers, and an inspiration for all of us that work with him.  His tireless work ethic, patience and organization put him on a level beyond any caption head I have ever worked with.  The past five years that I have been on his brass staff have been like going to graduate school for education.   

Gino Cipriani exemplifies everything that a great Cadet is all about.  Through the course of my career I have been blessed enough to work with 17 people who have been enshrined in the Cadets Hall of Fame and also worked with four DCI hall of fame brass caption heads.  There is no doubt that he belongs with this group of people!  It is with great zeal and passion that I urge you to place him in the 2012 Cadets Hall of Fame.

Respectfully Submitted,

Larry Markiewicz
Brass Instructor for The Cadets



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