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The Cadets Hall of Fame Committee has announced the following is a nominee for the 2011 Class of the Cadets Hall of Fame.

George Lucas



Nomination Letter:



It is my pleasure to nominate George Lucas to the Cadet Hall Of Fame.   I consider George to be one of the finest, hardest working volunteers who have served the needs of the Cadets.  Consider the following:


- He used his mechanical skills to repair all sorts of vehicles and machines at home and on the road.  Trucks, ovens, buses, golf carts; if they were broken George fixed them.

- When members had a problem with equipment they came to George and he would help them, with a smile and skills.

- He drove trucks and all sorts of vehicles, after a busy day of vehicle maintenance.

- I remember when he used his resources (time, tools, and materials) to design and refit a new food truck in late 80's

- He worked on the food truck as a cook, dish washer, re-designing storage spaces and shelves.

- George worked as a volunteer at drum corps shows, fundraising events, band competitions and parades.


Beyond the areas listed I recall the numerous times when George would ask where the corps needed help and then he would get involved to address the situation.  He worked many long hours to help the corps, frequently to the point of fatigue.     Why did he do this?   Because George is passionate about The Cadets!   He honors the Cadet heritage and traditions with pride, concern and service.   Whenever the corps was in a bind George, and frequently with his wife Trudy, was there to help.


It is impossible to capture in one letter what George Lucas has meant to the corps.   One way to recognize and honor what he has done is to induct him into the Hall of Fame.




Rich (Scotty) McGarry


Letters of Support:


I am writing in support of the nomination, by Scotty McGarry, of George Lucas to the 2011 Cadets Hall of Fame.


George joined the support team of the organization in 1984 after watching as an avid fan for many years.  One could only say that although our “on field” performances were world class in the early 1980’s, our operational experience had much to be desired.  George came to us with a wealth of experience in many operational areas that included everything from vehicle maintenance, equipment repair, food service, event operations and transportation logistics to name a few.  As a “young pup” in terms of managing an organization, George was of great assistance to me personally by providing the glue that ultimately solidified the Cadets’ support organization from nonexistent to one of the top support teams in drum corps. 


As our instructional staff guided the Cadets to become the innovators they are today, George was instrumental in putting the Cadets on the road with the first truly “over-the-road ready” equipment and food service tractor trailers.  He spent countless hours, many in the freezing cold in a desolate parking lot in Mahwah, NJ, putting together a 40 foot trailer to carry the Cadets equipment down the road during the summer.  His vision provided us with the desire to go from a self-contained truck that when broken down, could leave the corps without equipment for extended periods of time, to a trailer built to travel summer after summer pulled by an interchangeable tractor unit.    If the tractor failed, you simply unhooked it and rented a replacement.  This concept was also put into place with the first “full service” food trailer that George was instrumental in designing and building to provide the corps members with a “kitchen on wheels.”   I still remember the night in 1982 in Huntington, WV when we took 1st place over the Santa Clara Vanguard for the first time in corps history only to have to push start our box truck out of the parking lot. 


In 1988, George was honored for his dedication and service to the Cadets and the drum corps activity by being inducted into the inaugural class of the DCI Volunteers of the Year.


I hope the voting members of the Cadets Alumni Association will recognize and honor George Lucas by inducting him into the 2011 class of the Cadets Hall of Fame.


David Helms

Member, 1979-1982

Administration, 1983-1993

Cadets Stagecoach, 1993-2004



I write this letter of support for the nomination of George Lucas into the Cadets Hall of Fame.  Over the decades there have been stalwarts that have worked behind the scenes to get the Cadets on the road and keep them on the road, and George is one of those special people that truly gave his heart and soul to the cause over the course of many years.


I knew George was a key player when I marched my first of five years in the Cadets in 1984.  However it wasn’t for another 7 years before I truly learned about what he did to keep us going when there was really no rational justification for keeping the busses and trucks on the road.  His will was stronger than that of several tons of metal and rubber.  When I was on the staff one year, we had a bus breakdown in Western PA, and I drew the short straw to drive back to NJ, rent a truck, help pull a motor out of another bus, load it into the truck and then drive it back to PA to be put in the broken bus.  The coordination and nearly round the clock work by George and his group of loyal workers refused to stop until the job was done.  And throughout it all, he was the master of his own unique grumpy/funny state of mind.


Over the years, I learned something special from George that I try to use in my life to this day.  I learned the joy that can be achieved by quietly doing something for the group (providing a cooler full of popsicles, or fixing the AC on the bus instead of watching the show one night in Boston) and then standing off to the side silently watching the joy he created without saying word or taking the credit for his gift.

George’s commitment to the Cadets is absolutely worthy of inclusion in the Cadets Hall of Fame so that his legacy can be further memorialized in the history of our drum corps.


Respectfully submitted,

Doug Rutherford



I am submitting this letter in support of the Nomination of George Lucas to the Cadets Hall of Fame.


The reason for George’s nomination is very, very simple.  My firsthand knowledge of George came in 1989 and without him, the Garfield Cadets would most probably never had made it to the Kansas City for the DCI Championships, nor to Buffalo the following year to win another , nor to Dallas nor Madison nor a host of other cities where great memories were made in the early 90’s.


George was the “go to” guy in those years. If a bus needed attention, he would jump into  his or someone’s car (commandeer one if necessary) and head off into the night for a 12 hour drive to rescue “his” kids from mechanical breakdown. He would selflessly invest his time, all of it if necessary, his money and his spirit to make sure our kids got down the road safely.  Come to Texas in the 95 degree heat and change the hot oil in 4 old buses on a blacktop parking lot?…no problem.  Disassemble the golf cart in a parking lot and get it running again in time for the pit setup? …can do!


For the first several months I attended Cadets camps in the late 80s, I never saw George’s face as  it was normally under a bus, or covered by a welders helmet as he almost singlehandedly built the corps first true food truck.


George has had a history of selfless service to The Cadets dating back to the early 1980s. It was he who managed to do the impossible…to keep a fleet of over-aged vehicles on the road in tough times…to beg borrow or “strong arm” anyone and everyone to make sure that our kids had what they needed and deserved.


This is the third year that George has been nominated…and, as a 20+ year support person myself, I can say with no reservation that there is no one who has earned the honor more than George Lucas. We might have survived without some of our great instructors or great designers, or even great donors, directors and alumni…but we would NOT have survived without George Lucas and those like him who gave up huge portions of their lives and livelihoods to work quietly and tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the wheels rolling and the kids smiling. These are people who never had the honor to wear the uniform…but whose service honors all those who have!


Bill Speakman

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