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2014 Member Information

This contains all the information you need to contact a Cadet, find them on the road or mail them cookies!


(Please refer to our Online Calendar for the most up-to-date information.)

Mail Drop

All mail to members and staff through June 12 should be sent to The Cadets' office headquarters at:

The Cadets
c/o Youth Education in the Arts
601 W Hamilton St.
Allentown, Pa. 18101

Tour locations will be posted soon. (Please DO NOT ship to these locations via UPS or FedEx.)

*Note: The Cadets will have the opportunity to go to Wal-Mart at least once during Spring Training. If you are mailing a very large package, please inform Tour Manager via e-mail at so that we may plan our pick-up accordingly. Thank you!


Email should NOT be used for emergencies. will reach a Cadet or a staff member. This communication will be printed and put in the mail bin to the corps for delivery on mail drop days. E-mail does not receive priority service. Members will only receive e-mail about once a week. Be sure to note the name of the member and the corps name. We insure confidentiality of all e-mail past the one individual responsible for downloading the electronic communication.


The Cadets Annual Awards Banquet will be held at the Westin Hotel on Sunday, August 10 in Indianapolis. Everyone is welcome to attend - family, friends and fans!

Information on the time and how to purchase tickets will be posted here as soon as it becomes available. 

Member Resources

2014 Member Summer Handbook (coming soon)

To pay 2014 fees, click here. 

To donate to a member's fees online, please visit

If you need further assistance, please contact Tour Manager Lainey Braatz at 610-821-0345 ext.115 or

Parent Resources

Parent Handbook

DCI Parent Guide

In Case of Emergency

It is difficult for The Cadets' administrative staff to take messages and deliver them to your son or daughter. Most members have cell phones. Dinner and post-show are good times for them to return calls. In the event that there is something that cannot wait, please call our administrative staff, but please use these contacts ONLY in the event of an emergency:

Emergency Contact: Lainey Braatz, Tour Manager - (850) 320-0099
Emergency Contact: Rich Hammond, Director of Performing Ensembles - (908) 304-5987
Anytime: Call The Cadets' Allentown, Pa. office at 610-821-0345 for information and assistance.


If anyone (parents, alumni, fans, friends) would like to volunteer as cooks, drivers, or certified medical staff during Spring Training or the summer tour, please contact Lainey Braatz with anticipated dates and preferred roles. 

Visit our Volunteer Page here for more information.



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2013 Episodes

May 22 - Arrival 

May 30 - Time Is on Our Side

May 30 - Memorial Day

May 31 - Drums in the Park

June 4 - Drill

June 12 - Thank You Johnstown

June 17 - The Scherzo

June 21 - The QB and Colin

June 22 - The First Show

June 23 - Hornline Warm-up

June 27 - Golden Guard

June 29 - The Show before the Show

June 30 - Conducting Side by Side

July 2 - A Dance of Dinkles and Dropsashes

July 7 - Heating Up

July 10 - Serenity and Vigor, Juxtaposed

July 12 - Be Here Now

July 16 - Isolated Triplet Rolls

July 19 - Holy Bass

July 22 - Deep in the Heart of Texas

Who are The Cadets?


The Cadets, a program of Youth Education in the Arts, is one of the oldest and most honored continuously operating drum and bugle corps, with members from all over the country and world. The corps was founded in Garfield, NJ as the Holy Name Cadets in 1934 and has won 25 national championships and 10 world championships. The Cadets will travel over 15,000 miles this summer entertaining hundreds of thousands of drum corps fans throughout the nation.

What is a drum and bugle corps?

Modern drum corps are comprised of 150 performers who range in age from about 14 to 22. Each corps is made up of brass musicians, percussionists and a colorguard. They perform an 11-minute program on a standard football field. Programs are extravaganzas of musical excellence, marching precision, color, drama, dance and emotion. All members of the corps (except the front percussion ensemble) march in intricate formations which are coordinated with the musical productions.

Brass musicians in The Cadets play on the same top-quality Yamaha instruments available to artists, amateurs and students all over the world, including trumpets, mellophones, baritones, euphoniums and tubas.

Percussion instruments include marching snare drums, tenor drums (often referred to as "quads" or "quints"), bass drums in five sizes and stationary "front ensemble" instruments including various drums, cymbals, tympani, mallets (marimba, vibraphone, xylophone and chimes) and electronic synthesizers.

The colorguard adds color and drama through the coordinated use of flags, rifles, sabers and dance. The modern colorguard is as much a dance ensemble and storyteller as it is a precision marching unit.

What are the benefits to the performers?

Drum corps is an activity which attempts to do much more than provide a performance opportunity for students or entertainment for the audience. Through the drum corps experience, students will learn useful life skills such as leadership, goal-setting and teamwork, among others. The Cadets curriculum includes opportunities for students to exercise their potential not only as musicians, but as complete human beings.

How can I learn more?

Begin by attending a drum corps competition in your area. You can find the performance closest to you by visiting Drum Corps International.