Frequently Asked Questions

Audition Info

When and where are the camps held?
The Cadets Winter Camps are held at Woodstown High School, 140 East Avenue, Woodstown, NJ 08098.

How do I reserve a place at camp?
There are three Steps to Become a Cadet:

1. Pay the $75 Video Evaluation Fee here. When you do, you will receive an Audition Packet via e-mail within 24 hours. 
2. Record your video audition. Begin with an introduction of who you are, where you're from, and any previous drum corps or marching experience.  
3. Upload the clips to YouTube and e-mail the link to Rich Hammond at

Once registration fee is paid, an email invitation will be sent to RSVP travel details through the CorpsData system.

What if I have a conflict, and I absolutely can't make it to a camp?
Contact Rich Hammond at to discuss your situation. We are glad to work out an alternative, but early communication is very important to give everyone a fair opportunity.

Should I bother coming to camp if I haven’t played my instrument very long?
YES! This isn’t just about making the corps, it’s about becoming a better musician, learning from a great staff, and meeting other people just like you from all over the world. You will learn a ton and you will have a great time!

Do I need to bring my own instrument/equipment?
We will have the corps equipment at the camps, but there will be A LOT of people there. The only way to guarantee you’re playing all weekend long is to bring your own equipment. If necessary, we will rotate players and instruments throughout rehearsal. We do understand that it can be difficult to fly with certain instruments, so do as best you can.  If you are driving, please do your best to bring equipment with you.  Also, please bring a mouthpiece and music stand with you if you can.
How do I get the audition material?
You can get the Audition Packet in one of two ways:

1.  Pay the $100 Registration Fee and you can instantly download it, it is inlcuded in the fee.

2.  Pay the $15 Audition Packet Only Fee and you can instanlty download.  For those that would like to review the information before committing to camp.

What is the audition process like?
We don't believe in the traditional "cut" system that many organizations use. You are at the audition camp for experience & feedback, and we will do our best to send you home feeling great about your weekend! At the camp, each auditionee will have the opportunity to work with a staff member in a private lesson/audition setting. At the end of the weekend, each auditionee will be assigned a rating, with specific tips for improvement and a suggested course of action:

1 = You are ready to become a Cadet. Start making plans for camps and summer tour!

2 = We see potential, but we need you to work on a few specific areas and come to the next camp!

3 = We don't feel that you're ready to become a Cadet this year, but we will do our best to provide recommendation to other corps, private instructors, and feedback for improvement.

Are there open auditions for Cadets Drum Major?

This has not yet been decided for the 2014 season. More information to follow. 

Camp Info 

Tentative Audition Camp Schedule - Here is what you can expect:


***Plan to land/arrive at PHL before 6pm for pickups***
7 p.m. Arrive & Unload & Registration
9 p.m. Welcome Meeting
10 p.m. Sectionals
12:30 a.m. Snack & Videos
1:30 a.m. Lights Out

8:30 a.m. Breakfast
9:30 a.m. Sectionals
1:30 p.m. Lunch
2:30 p.m. Sectionals/Marching
6:30 p.m. Dinner
7:30 p.m. Meet with Hopkins
8:45 p.m. Sectionals
11:45 p.m. Snack
1 a.m. Lights Out

8 a.m. Breakfast
9 a.m. Sectionals
12:30 p.m. Quick Snack & Setup
1 p.m. Ensemble Rehearsal
2 p.m. Clean up
3 p.m. Dismissed & Depart

**Plan to depart PHL no earlier than 7 p.m.**

What time should I arrive at camp?

If you’re driving to camp, please plan to arrive at the camp site around 7pm on Friday evening.
If you’re taking a plane/bus/train, please plan to be ready for a 5 pm pickup on Friday evening.
We’ll pick you up whenever necessary, but this will ensure that you’re at camp in time for registration and rehearsal.

What time is camp finished? 
For the Winter Camp, plan on leaving the school around 4pm on Sunday. Please book all departures from PHL after 7pm on this day. 

Where do the students sleep/shower?
Students sleep in the gymnasium, and shower in the school locker room.  Some bring sleeping bags, but airbeds are definitely the modern luxury on tour!

What should I wear?
We won’t venture outside until the weather warms up, so the only warm clothes you’ll need will be to get to and from the airport. Most people wear exercise shorts and a T-shirt or tank top to rehearsal. Tennis shoes are required, as there will be a marching block on Saturday for brass and percussion. In case the school is chilly, dressing in layers is a good idea, so you may want to bring a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie with you as well. Color guard members will dance as well as spin, so be sure to wear pants that you can move around in and tennis shoes.

Can my parents come to camp? Where do they stay?
Parents are not only allowed to come to camp, they are encouraged! We can always use more volunteer help with cooking, driving, sewing, building, etc…and we have specific rooms set aside for volunteers to stay with the corps. Please contact with any questions about the volunteer experience! 

Travel Info

If I’m not driving, where should I book my ticket?
All travel, by plane, bus, or train, should be booked to arrive and depart from the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL).

Can you pick me up at the airport? 
Absolutely! We just need to know your travel arrangements at least a week before the camp. After your registration fee is paid, you will receive an email invitation to RSVP your travel details through CorpsData. 

YOU need to let us know how you are getting to camp - even if you are driving yourself!

General Info

Who do I write checks out to?  Where do I send it?

All checks should be made payable to “YEA!”

All forms, checks and other materials should be sent to:

The Cadets Registration
Attn: Melissa Barlow

601 West Hamilton Street

, PA 18101

How much does it cost to spend a summer with The Cadets?
After adding up the registration, camp fees, spring training, and tuition fees, an 85-day summer with the Cadets costs around $3500. This may seem like a huge expense, but it really breaks down to less than $30/day - this includes four meals per day, travel, lodging, equipment, uniforms, instruction, fuel...and...the experience of a lifetime!

There are fundraisers available through the corps, and we will do our best to provide literature and information about raising funds to be a member of the Cadets. Finances should NOT be a reason to stay away from the audition camp...where there is a will, there is a way!


Do you have a question that we should add to this list? Please e-mail: