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Currently in its inaugural season, Cadets Winter Percussion is the indoor percussion ensemble sponsored by The Cadets and Cadets2 Drum & Bugle Corps and Youth Education in the Arts.

Facebook_icon_maroon.pngBased in Allentown, Pa., Cadets Winter Percussion is competing in WGI's Independent Open Class in the winter 2014 indoor season.

2014 Program: Copy of a...
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Click on each staff member's name to view their bio.

Rich Hammond, Director
Jon Grill, Assistant Director
Melissa Barlow, Operations 

Rich Hammond, Program Coordinator
Iain Moyer, Front Ensemble

Andrew Monterio, Front Ensemble
Travis Peterman, Battery Arranger

Travis Peterman, Caption Supervisor
Andrew Monteiro, Front Ensemble Coordinator
Andrew Rubano, Visual Caption Head
Dan Schack, Battery Percussion
Ashley Carraher, Cymbals
Greg Banks, Battery Percussion
Jason Keller, Battery Percussion
Chelsea McFarland, Front Ensemble
Rick Stetson, Front Ensemble

Paulo_2013_drums_snare_vertical.jpgwhitestripe.png 2013-2014 Schedule

October 13 - Audition Weekend
October 20 - Rehearsal
October 27 - Rehearsal

November 16-17 - Rehearsal

December 7-8 - Rehearsal
December 20-22 - Rehearsal
December 27-29 - Rehearsal

January 10-12 - Rehearsal
January 17-19 - Rehearsal
January 24-26 - Rehearsal

February 1-2 - TBA
February 7-9 - Rehearsal
February 14-16 - Rehearsal
February 22 - USBands Indoor: Bloomfield HS

March 1 - WGI Trumbull Regional
March 8-9 - Rehearsal
March 15 - USBands Indoor: Brick Memorial HS
March 22 - WGI Unionville Regional
March 29 - MAPS: Downingtown, Pa.

April 5 - MAPS Championships
April 6 - USBands Indoor Championships
April 10-12 - WGI World Championships

snares_drumline_uniform_2010_vertical.jpgJoin Cadets Winter Percussion

Auditions for the inaugural season of Cadets Winter Percussion will be held at Broughal Middle School in Bethlehem, Pa. on Sunday, October 13, 2013.

3 Steps to Join
Please complete Step 1 before downloading your packet.

1. Register by completing your Online Application HERE
2. Pay the $50 Registration Fee and download your
     Audition Packet HERE
3. Pay the corresponding camp fee and attend the camp!

*If you are paying the Registration Fee for the audition, you do NOT need to pay $10 to download your Audition Packet! You will receive a link to download the packet once you pay the Registration Fee. The $10 packet is only for those interested in finding out more or practicing the material.


Thanks for your interest. We look forward to starting this new chapter of The Cadets' tradition of excellence with you!

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