Robert J. Varga

Robert J. Varga was one of the Garfield Cadets original contra bass players, marching in the Corps from 1959–1966. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1966 where he served until 1970 as a Navy corpsman.

According to the recommendation for this honor: “Likely quality honed as a member of the Holy Name Cadets, painstaking care was requisite as he tended to the servicemen on the U.S.S. Casa Grande. It takes determination to march with a contra bass to four world championships and this man was living proof. He never heard the word "no." There was always a way to achieve success. Tasked with ferrying supplies and personnel en route to Vietnam, the crew of the Casa Grande was ever graced with this honoree’s concern for his shipmates' injuries and illnesses. He was never afraid to take chances as he proved later in life by serving his community as a firefighter for many years.